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KTU elektroninės knygos  – VK prenumeruoja visas knygas, prisijungimo duomenys Moodle Bibliotekos skiltyje

Ambrazevičius, R. (2011). Psichologiniai muzikinės darnos aspektai.
Ancutienė, K. ir Strazdienė, E. (2016). Mados produkto kompiuterinis dizainas.
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Janiūnaitė, B. (2019). Edukacinių inovacijų diegimo atvejai
Kazokienė, L. ir Stravinskienė, J. (2014). Ryšiai su visuomene
Šliburytė, L. (2017). Reklama ir kūrybiškumas

VDU elektroninės knygos  – VK prenumeruoja tik dalį knygų (sąrašas), yra ir atviros prieigos knygų.

Gedvilienė, G ir Tūtlys, V. (2017). Ar gebame būti verslūs?
Pilelienė, L., Grigaliūnaitė,, V. ir Bakanauskas A. P. (2021). Statinė reklama: teorija ir praktika
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Rinkevičius, Z. ir  Vitkauskas, R. (2020). Muzikinis ugdymas – dvasinių vertybių sklaidos veiksnys

VGTU elektroninės knygos – VK prenumeruoja visas knygas.

Buivydienė, V., Kirvaitis, R., Rutkienė, L. ir Vladarskienė, R. (2019). Akademinė ir profesinė kalba tekstų ypatybės ir kūrimas.
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Kačerauskas T. (2017). Kūrybos visuomenė
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Mickūnas, A. ir Kačerauskas T. (2020). Kūrybos komunikacija
Mitkus, T. ir Nedzinskaitė-Mitkė, V. (2017). Komiksai: pažink ir kurk

Vitae litera elektroninės knygos – VK prenumeruoja tik dalį knygų (sąrašas).

Targamadzė A. (2020). Virtualusis mokymas: teorija ir praktika

KU elektroninės knygos – VK prenumeruoja tik dalį knygų.

Molotokienė E. (2017). Naujųjų medijų etika. Diskurso formavimosi rekonstrukcija
Padegimas G. (2016). Michailo Čechovo vaidybos metodo dėstymas
Padegimas G. (2016). Režisūros istorija
Vaigauskaitė D. (2015). Sceninio balso lavinimas


El. knygos užsienio kalbomis

eBooks on EBSCOhost – knygos (įvairios mokslo sritys).


Alm, S. (2017). Designing Clothes with the Flat Pattern Method: Customize Fitting Shells to Create Garments in Any Style.
Berens Baker, L. (2016). Laser Cutting for Fashion and Textiles.
Branagan, A. (2020). The Essential Guide to Business for Artists and Designers.
Brooks, A. (2019). Clothing Poverty: The Hidden World of Fast Fashion and Second-Hand Clothes.
Brown, J. (2018). Glamour in Six Dimensions: Modernism and the Radiance of Form.
Carlotto, F. (2019). Engaging with Fashion: Perspectives on Communication, Education and Business.
Faiers, J. (2017). Colors in Fashion.
Janson, S. (2019). Dress Code to Success: Business Etiquette & Fashion Trends Not Only for Women.
Mahapatra N.N. (2018). Textile Dyeing.
McLean, A. L. (2016). Costume, Makeup, and Hair.
Parthiban, M. (2019). Green Apparels: A Sustainable Way of Apparel Manufacturing.
Posner, H. (2015). Marketing Fashion: Strategy, Branding and Promotion.
Shrimpton J. (2020). Fashion and Family History: Interpreting How Your Ancestors Dressed.

Chion, M. (2019). Audio – Vision: Sound on Screen.
Fraleigh, S. H. (2018). Back to the Dance Itself : Phenomenologies of the Body in Performance.
Greer, S. (2019). Queer Exceptions: Solo Performance in Neoliberal Times.
Grode, E. (2015). The Book of Broadway : The 150 Definitive Plays and Musicals.
Monod, D. (2020). Vaudeville and the Making of Modern Entertainment.
Pugh, M. (2015). America Dancing: From the Cakewalk to the Moonwalk.
Purdy, S. & Foster, H. (2016). Musical Theatre Song : A Comprehensive Course in Selection, Preparation, and Presentation for the Modern Performer.
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Scearce, L. (2016). Manual of Singing Voice Rehabilitation : A Practical Approach to Vocal Health and Wellness.
Smith, C. J. (2019). Dancing Revolution: Bodies, Space, and Sound in American Cultural History.

Dommann M. (2019). Authors and Apparatus: A Media History of Copyright.
Cluley, R. (2017). Essentials of Advertising.
Corrales-Estrada, M. (2019). Innovation and Entrepreneurship: a New Mindset of Emerging Markets.
Das, T. K. (2017). Culture and Behavioral Strategy.
Dolan, S. L., & Kawamura, K. M. (2015). Cross Cultural Competence: A Field Guide for Developing Global Leaders and Managers.
Dumbreck, A. (2016). Music Entrepreneurship.
Khaire, M. (2017). Culture and Commerce:  The Value of Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries.
Tieng, S. (2019). Cultural Tourism.
Tieng, S. (2019). Professional Event Coordination.
Tjosvold, D., & Leung, K. (2016). Cross – Cultural Management: Foundations and Future.
Watson, N. T. (2018). Cultural Impact on Conflict Management in Higher Education.
William, A. (2019). Digital You: Real Personal Branding in the Virtual Age.

Baber, K. (2019). Leonard Bernstein and the Language of Jazz.
Gabbart, K. (2016). Better Git It in Your Soul: An Interpretive Biography of Charles Mingus.
Istvandity, L. (2019). Remembering Popular Musics Past: Memory-Heritage-History.
Schreiber, B. (2019). Music Is Power: Popular Songs, Social Justice, and the Will to Change.
Shipton, A. (2016). Handful of Keys: Conversations with 30 Jazz Pianists.
Strachan, R. (2017). Sonic Technologies: Popular Music, Digital Culture and the Creative Process.
Svorinich, V. (2015). Listen to This: Miles Davis and Bitches Brew.
Terry, L. (2017). Dizzy, Duke, Brother Ray, and Friends: On and off the Record with Jazz Greats.

Academic Complete on ProQuest Ebook Central   – knygos (įvairios mokslo sritys).


Edwards, L. (2018). Understanding Public Relations: Theory, Culture and Society.
Formica, P. & Edmondson, J. (2020). Innovation and the Arts: The Value of Humanities Studies for Business.
Gutterman, S. (2019). Comparative Management Studies.
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Moriuchi, E. (2019). Social Media Marketing: Strategies in Utilizing Consumer-Generated Content.
Niekerk, M. & Okumus, F. (2017). Contemporary Issues in Events, Festivals and Destination Management.
Reiter-Palmon, R. (2018). Individual Creativity in the Workplace.
Schein, E. H. (2016). Organizational Culture and Leadership.
Wilson, S. (2018). Managing Across Cultures: A Learning Framework.

Bennett, H. S. & Becker, H. (2017). On Becoming a Rock Musician.
Carroll, R. (2016). Litpop: Writing and Popular Music.
Coppenbarger, B. (2014). Music Theory Secrets: 94 Strategies for the Starting Musician.
Green, L., Hawkins, S., Burns, L. &  Fripp, R. (2017). How Popular Musicians Learn: A Way Ahead for Music Education.
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Yakoupov, A. N. (2016). The Theory of Musical Communication.

Chekov, M. (2017). To the Actor: On the Technique of Acting.
Dance, Confinement and Resilient Bodies. (2016).
Einarsson, C. P. & Stewart, P. (2017). A Theatre of Affect: The Corporeal Turn in Samuel Beckett’s Drama.
Hoffman, W. (2014). The Great White Way: Race and the Broadway Musical.
Junod, P. & Rown, S. (2018). Counterpoints: Dialogues between Music and the Visual Arts.
Mouturat, D. (2016). Life Behind the Mask: Theatre Practice as an Instrument of Self-Knowledge.
Roman, M. & Penwarden, C. (2016). On Stage: The Theatrical Dimension of Video Imaged.
Romita, N. (2016). Functional Awareness: Anatomy in Action for Dancers.
Thomson, P. & Jaque, S. V. (2017). Creativity and the Performing Artist: Behind the Mask.

Babu, V. R. & Arunraj, A. (2019). Fashion Marketing Management.
Koncar, V. (2016). Smart Textiles and Their Applications.
Mbonu, E. (2014). Fashion Design Research.
Motta, D. & Biagini, A. (2017).  Fashion Through History: Costumes, Symbols, Communication.
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Nayak, R. & Padhye R. (2017). Automation in Garment Manufacturing.
Wong, C. (2017). Applications of Computer Vision in Fashion and Textiles.
Yagi, Y. (2018). Tokyo Street Style.
Zakaria, N. (2016). Clothing for Children and Teenagers: Anthropometry, Sizing and Fit.

Open Textbooks Library– atvira prieiga, įvairi tematika

Swanson, L. (2017). Entrepreneurship and Innovation Toolkit.
Piercy W. C. (2019). Problem Solving in Teams and Groups.
Ahrndt, S. (2020). Intercultural Communication.
Poepsel. M. (2018). Media, Society, Culture and You
Charman, R. L. (2020). Moving Pictures: an Introduction to Cinema.

JSTOR – atvira prieiga tik kai kurioms knygoms ir straipsniams, įvairi tematika, menas, muzika, teatras, socialiniai mokslai

Graham, J., & Gandini, A. (Eds.). (2017). Collaborative Production in the Creative Industries.
Fuchs, C. (2016). Critical Theory of Communication: New Readings of Lukács, Adorno, Marcuse, Honneth and Habermas in the Age of the Internet.
Gronow, J., & Zhuravlev, S. (2015). Fashion Meets Socialism: Fashion industry in the Soviet Union after the Second World War.
Hinkson, M. (Ed.). (2016). Imaging Identity: Media, memory and portraiture in the digital age
Brauneck, M. (2017). Independent Theatre in Contemporary Europe.
Rudakoff, J. (Ed.). (2017). Performing Exile: Foreign Bodies.
Loy, S., Rickwood, J., & Bennett, S. (Eds.). (2018). Popular Music, Stars and Stardom.
Wipplinger, J. (2017). The Jazz Republic: Music, Race, and American Culture in Weimar Germany. 
Patteson, T. (2016). Instruments for New Music: Sound, Technology, and Modernism.

Project MUSE – atvira prieiga tik kai kurioms knygoms ir straipsniams,  įvairi tematika, kultūros studijos, menas, socialiniai mokslai

Nornes, M. (2021). Brushed in Light: Calligraphy in East Asian Cinema
Powell, E. H. (2020). Sounds from the Other Side: Afro–South Asian Collaborations in Black Popular Music.
Svensson, P. (2016). Big Digital Humanities: Imagining a Meeting Place for the Humanities and the Digital.
Bench, H. (2020). Perpetual Motion: Dance, Digital Cultures, and the Common
Polak, S. (2020). Violence and Trolling on Social Media: History, Affect, and Effects of Online Vitriol.
Pollmann, I. (2018). Cinematic Vitalism.



Žurnalai duomenų bazėse

EBSCOhost – moksliniai straipsniai (įvairios mokslo sritys).

Taylor & Francis  – moksliniai straipsniai (įvairios mokslo sritys).

SpringerLINK– viso teksto mokslinių žurnalų duomenų bazė (įvairios mokslo sritys).

Emerald insight – moksliniai straipsniai (įvairios mokslo sritys). Prieinami tik atviros prieigos žurnalai.

DOAJ – didžiausia recenzuotų atviros prieigos mokslinių straipsnių talpykla (įvairios mokslo sritys)



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